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Memorial Day (Week) Schedule

Join us for this COVID-19 Special Memorial Day Pilates Workout Compilation.

Memorial Day

Start Virtually

8:00 am Burn at the BARRE – Online Class from the West Studio

Get Reformed

9:15 am Reformer Plus At the West Studio

Spring Out

10:30 am Spring Board At the West Studio

Tuesday May 26th

9:00 am – Virtual – Happy Shoulders – Bring TheraBand & Foam Roller

10:00 am – West Studio – Reformer Plus

1 pm – Virtual – Abs & Buns – Magic Circle

5 pm – East Studio – Reformer Plus

6:15 pm – Virtual & In East Studio – Burn at the BARRE

Wednesday May 27th

9:30 am – Virtual & In West Studio – GYROKINESIS® – Bring Chair/Stool & Mat

12:30 pm – Virtual – Pilates Grounding & Fundamentals

5:30 pm – West Studio – Spring Board

Thursday May 28th

10 am – West Studio – Reformer Plus

1 pm – Virtual – Happy Feet – Bring a Stick, TheraBand, Tennis Ball & Studio 54 wrist bands or hair ties

5 pm – East Studio – Reformer Plus

6 pm – Virtual – Happy Shoulders – Bring TheraBand & Foam Roller

Friday May 29th

9:30 am – Virtual – Magic Circle Fun

10:30 am – West Studio – Spring Board

5:30 pm – Virtual – GYROTONIC® Homework Series & Upper Body Openings – Bring Chair & Mat – Followed by Social Hour

Saturday May 30th

9 am – Virtual and In West Studio – Burn at the BARRE

10:30 am – Virtual – Shoulders & Legs – Bring TheraBand & Ball

2:00 pm – Virtual & in East Studio – Celebration / Donation GYROKINESIS® Class

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Why Husbands Should Buy Pilates Sessions for their Wife!

It's that time of year again and if you are like many men you are trying to think of a unique, thoughtful gift for your wife that she won't want to return! What about purchasing her a package of private Pilates sessions? I know what you are thinking ... If I buy my wife fitness classes she's going to think I think she needs to lose weight or get into better shape and that could get me in trouble!

Let me put some of your fears at ease and give you some of my top reasons why private Pilates sessions makes a perfect gift and why it may be the best present you've ever gotten her!

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Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Does just thinking about taking a Pilates Private Session make you uncomfortable?

Studio 54 Pilates & More offers Private and Semi-Private Training Sessions. You may have saw the Private Sessions on the website, and thought "yeah right!" First there's the price. It's more expensive than classes, and you aren't sure if you wanted to spend that much. Then there's the scary thought. For 50 minutes, you are the only person the instructor is concentrating on.

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Aime teaching beginner Pilates

It’s ok to be a beginner!

I am amazed at how many clients come into a session, expect to do everything perfectly on the first try, and then beat themselves up when they can't do it. It doesn't matter if you danced for twenty years, are an elite athlete, run marathons, lift weights, did Yoga, or if you are in the best shape of your life. If you are brand new to Pilates, you are brand new to Pilates, and it will take some time to learn!

I hear a clients say, "but you just did that exercise perfectly." My response is usually something like: "Let me tell you how many times over the last fifteen years I have done that exercise…(hundreds…even thousands) and I'm still working on it too!"

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Feeling Pilates is most of the practice

Where Should I be Feeling This?

As a Pilates instructor I often get the question," Where should I be feeling this?".

It seems like a simple enough question but often the answer can be complicated. I find then when people ask me this they want to know if they are doing the exercise correctly and if they are "feeling it" in the correct place. Or maybe something is hurting during the exercise.

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Christina Schraeder Client of The Month

Our Zoom Client of The Month April 2020

Christina Schraeder has been coming to Studio 54 Pilates & More for two years. She originally came into the studio because she really wanted to blow the dust of off the reformer, she had purchased 10 years ago and would only use as a clothes horse or for some exercise occasionally. Christina noticed that her other exercise courses were beginning to hurt her body and she was walking around feeling pain rather than feeling strong. From the moment she walked into Studio 54 and its vivaciously inspiring instructor, Amie Ross, she has walked taller and felt stronger in her core than at any other time in her life. Christina now enjoys entering rooms feeling the confidence that Pilates and the encouragement of the intimate community of friends at Studio 54 has breathed into her and it feels so nice! She has participated in Private and Group classes in Pilates and THE GYROTONIC® Expansion System and continues to inspire us with her progress! Here are her answers to our questions.

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Online Classes with Studio 54

Special Class April 11

For anyone who wants to try a Virtual Class, you can attend and pay nothing, or you can make a donation. Bring a friend to try it out as well. This class is for anyone who needs some stress relief, anyone who’s interested in trying a barre class, and for all my Studio 54 clients.

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Stretching for flexibility

Do You Need To Stretch More?

Something I often hear from people when they know I own a Pilates studio is," I am so inflexible, I really need to take Yoga." It is true that many people could use more flexibility in their bodies and a mind body practice like Yoga may help, but most people don't understand the process of how to gain that flexibility.

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Amie Ross, owner of Studio 54 Pilates & More

Our Coronavirus Response & Mitigation

As you are probably already aware, the COVID-19 Coronavirus strain is making its way around the world! At Studio 54 Pilates, we take your personal health and safety very seriously. So, we want to put your mind at ease with the steps we are taking in the studio to keep our students and staff safe and healthy. We know how beneficial mindful movement can be when life gets a little stressful and chaotic and it's our goal to create a safe, healthy environment where you can get some much needed "you time"! If you are immune compromised or feeling unsafe coming to public areas we also want to give you some options to get your movement time in without coming to the studio!

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Student with dog

Are you an “exercise introvert”?

I don't know about you, but the thought of having to go to an event or business or even a new dentist or doctor for the first time is on the bottom of my list of favorite things.  I would definitely call myself an introvert and it takes some effort on my part to get out of my shell and talk to new people and get out of my comfort zone. I'm also crazy busy with a business and kids and just the thought of setting up something new seems like such a big task that I avoid it if I can.

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Student Barb Adams

March 2020 Client of the Month

Barbara Adams has been coming to Studio 54 Pilates & More for six months. She originally came into the studio because of lower back pain. She has participated in Private and Group Classes in Pilates and continues to inspire us with her progress! Here are her answers to our questions.

When did you start working out at Studio 54 Pilates & More and why?

September 11, 2019 for lower back pain.

Describe your workouts. How many days a week do you workout?

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Amie with Student in Private Session

Have You Hit a Plateau?

At Studio 54 Pilates & More we are super passionate about movement and the amazing benefits movement brings to your life. We find that our clients can be categorized into those who are private clients--those who generally only take one on one sessions with their instructor--and class clients--those who only take group classes. 

We think both options are great, and we love to encourage people to do what works best in their schedule and their budget. 

Our small group classes are an affordable way to get individualized workouts in on a regular basis and are the best option for most people. If you are a person who regularly takes classes, we want to encourage you to think about doing an occasional private session to take your own movement practice to a whole new level. 

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Coffee mug with inspiration to Begin

Ten Reasons I will go to Pilates Today

I'm a Pilates student and I have a zillion excuses about how much work I have to do. So this top 10 list, is helping me focus for one hour a day on ME!

1.  I always feel better when I'm finished!

2. My health is important and Pilates is part of my health care plan.

3. Stress relief. When life is crazy and stressful it's easy to skip the things we need most...all the more reason to make it to the studio.

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Amie with Student on the Reformer

Don’t wait until your out of pain to start Pilates

I can't tell you how many times I have heard people say, "I really want to try Pilates or get back to it, but I've been dealing with this chronic low back pain (or insert any other pain...) that I want to go away first."  As a Pilates instructor I want to shake them and say, "That pain is exactly why you should start Pilates now." Of course, you will want to make sure you get your physician's approval and make sure you find an experienced instructor who knows how to adjust exercises for your body.

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Alicia Gurney

February 2020 Client of the Month

Alicia Gurney has been coming to Studio 54 Pilates & More for three years. She originally came into the studio because she needed to get back into shape after a double mastectomy and chemotherapy due to breast cancer. With Amie’s encouragement she showed Alicia that with Pilates it was possible to get her strength and self-confidence back. Alicia has said that Pilates and Amie made it possible for her to get up out of her chair and enjoy life. She has participated in private and group classes in Pilates and continues to inspire us with her progress! Here are her answers to our questions.

When did you start working out at Studio 54 Pilates & More and why?

I started in may of 2017 about 15 months after my last chemo treatment.  I had no muscle definition and did not have energy to do much but sit in my chair.

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A class of students on the Pilates reformer

What is the Pilates Reformer?

Part scientist, mechanical genius and anatomy movement guru, Pilates creator Joseph Pilates created a movement system he called "Contrology," accompanied by a variety of equipment he referred to as "Apparatus." The Apparatus was designed to help accelerate the process of stretching, strengthening and balancing the entire body. The best-known and most popular piece today, the Reformer, was originally called the Universal Reformer, aptly named for "universally reforming the body."

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Gingerbread cookie men

Why Pilates is not a Cookie Cutter Fitness Routine

If you've made sugar cookies before -- I'm betting you're like me, and you get bored if you try to use the same cookie cutter for a whole batch of cookies. Sometimes when people join a big-box gym they try a class, and they go every day for a few days, and then they start to get bored—just like using one cookie cutter when making cookies. Have you tried a cookie cutter fitness class? They send out routines monthly or quarterly, and the instructor does their best to replicate the routine while teaching your class. You may even be one of those people who tries to stay in the back row, so none of the other attendees will see if you make a mistake!

Pilates at Studio 54 Pilates and More is the opposite of cookie cutter fitness. As a professional Pilates instructor, I see a variety of clients with a variety of needs concerning their movement programs. Here's 10 reasons why clients tell me they come to our studio:

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Amie Ross, owner of Studio 54 Pilates & More

How quickly will I see results from Pilates?


One of the most common questions I hear on a client's second visit, goes something like this: "I felt really great after our session. I felt taller and my posture was better. My shoulder pain seems to be feeling better… could that really have been just from that one session?"

My simple answer: YES!

Here's why: The Pilates method of exercises teaches your body how to create and maintain alignment and balance in your body. The exercises not only strengthen and stretch your muscles, but they train your brain to recognize imbalances so your body can self-correct. Once taught how to do it, you will naturally start practicing finding your alignment and balance throughout your day. The continual practice helps to bring your body into alignment, and you WILL FEEL a difference very quickly!

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A class of students on the Pilates Reformer

3 Great Reasons to Try a Small Group Class at Studio 54 Pilates & More

1.  Your instructors get to know you and your body.  In a small group setting an instructor can really get to know you, where you need to work, what motivates you and how to help you get the most out of your workouts (aka results). This makes for a very efficient workout. Let’s face it we are all crazy busy these days and want to maximize our time!

2. The most effective workout is the one you do.  Making yourself accountable to a class, an instructor and classmates is a great way to keep you on track!

3. Safety…. A trained instructor can make sure they are challenging you but also making exercises safe for your body. One size does not fit all when it comes to movement and it’s important to have instructors who recognize and implement this! If you injure yourself you will be less likely to stick with your program.

So what are you waiting for?

Kerry with Frankie

January Client of Month

Dr. Kerry Wilks has been coming to Studio 54 Pilates & More for four years now. She originally came into the studio because she was told she had the back of a 80 year old at age 38 after a MRI and was told the only way to manage her pain levels was by keeping a strong core, she ignored the pain and advice until she was 46 and had met Amie through church and rescues. When Kerry started, she could not even vacuum her floors without extreme pain. She has participated in Private and group classes in Pilates and THE GYROTONIC® Expansion System and continues to inspire us with her progress! Here are her answers to our questions.  

When did you start working out at Studio 54 Pilates & More and why?  

Kerry started in January 2016 after months of months of physical therapy where she learned that her lower back was described as being 30 years older than her chronological age. She was told that the only thing that would help her with pain was keeping her core strong. She had met Amie at church and Pilates seemed like a perfect solution to escape the cycle of pain and injuries (from the gym).

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Joseph Pilates with quote

Consistency is the Key to Pilates Results

Instead of just repeating the mantra – “I really need to start exercising and feel better about myself,” – let’s make it happen!  Studio54 Pilates & More is here to help!

When it comes to getting a great Pilates workout, consistency is the key. Joseph Pilates promised that you’ll feel different in 10 sessions, you’ll look different in 20 sessions, and you’ll have a whole new body in 30 sessions – but you can’t drag this out over a period of months and expect to get good results. Mastering a skill takes commitment and establishing a firm fitness routine will help you reach your goals one drop of sweat at a time.

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Student in private session

What to expect in your First Pilates Private Session

Many people have never worked one-on-one with a movement or exercise instructor and have some misconceived ideas about what a one-on-one Pilates session will be like. Let me put to rest some of your fears! If you’ve been watching the Biggest Loser we may have some work to do. Or maybe you’ve heard horror stories of people doing personal training and being so sore they can’t walk, or even brush their teeth the next day.

To ease your first workout fears, here is how your first Pilates session will work at Studio 54 Pilates & More.

When you arrive at the studio, we’ll give you a tour of our space, we’ll show you where you can put your coat, shoes, and gear, point out the restrooms, show you our massage room and our two spacious studio rooms that we use for private sessions and small group classes.

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Shelly Wolfe

December Client of the Month Shelly Wolfe

Shelly Wolfe has been coming to Studio 54 Pilates & More for more than four years. She originally came into the studio because she was looking for a way to get more physical activity in her routine. She hates to exercise and knew if she joined a program it would keep her accountable. She has participated in Private and group classes in Pilates and THE GYROTONIC® Expansion System and continues to inspire us with her progress! Here are her answers to our questions.

When did you start working out at Studio 54 Pilates & More and why?

Amie and I met at a business networking group. I liked what she had to say about how Pilates fits into our health and wellness routine.

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