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Do you know your Pilates Instructor well enough to say this?

As a Pilates instructor one thing I love about teaching is getting to know my clients and getting to be part of their health journey. So many of my clients have been with me for years and I think that is so amazing! As an instructor, I can tell you that like any relationship the instructor/student relationship definitely evolves and matures as clients get to know me, I get to know them and as they progress in their Pilates practice.

One of the funny things that happens as clients get to know me better is that sometimes they say the things that are going through their head during their session or class. You know, that stuff you've been thinking since your first session but just finally feel comfortable saying! Here's just a few of my favorites.

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What is the Cost of Pilates

If you are new to the Pilates Method of exercise and you are just starting to look at ways to learn and practice Pilates you might have sticker shock. It's not unusual for Pilates equipment classes to cost $45 per class.

You are probably thinking, "These people might be crazy if they expect me to pay what I normally pay for a month membership at the box gym for just one 50 minute class." Why in the world are the classes so expensive?
There are many factors that go into the price a studio charges for a class but the two major ones are the cost and upkeep of the equipment that is being used for class and the cost to train Pilates equipment instructors (in both dollars and time).

Professional Pilates instructors are not your average fitness instructor in their training and experience. Pilates Method Alliance certified instructors have a minimum of 450 hours of initial training and many comprehensive training programs require 600 to 900 hours of training. Instructors are not taught to repeat movement sequences but trained in how bodies move, how to adapt movement for various body types and conditions, and safely progress clients of varying abilities. When you take a Pilates equipment class, you are getting an individualized movement experience tailored to what your body needs. Most studios only offer small groups of 6 to 8 people maximum in a Pilates equipment class so that the method can be effectively and safely taught to everyone in class.

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Marci Watson

Have you been cheating in Virtual Pilates?

Is Pilates too easy when you do it at home? Maybe that's not Pilates, maybe it's about the effort you're putting into it!

Often when I correct a client on a particular exercise (at home or in the studio) they will respond afterwards with a, “Oh, so I was cheating.” I don’t really love the word cheating when it comes to movement because I feel like it’s such a negative word.

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A class of students on the Pilates reformer

Are you waiting until you feel like exercising?

I ran across these tips for adding more movement to your life!

You're not always going to feel like it.

Even those people who have made movement and exercise a habit in their life don't always "feel" like doing it. What happens though is when you create a habit of movement in your life the benefits outweigh the not doing it. The more you do it, the more your body remembers how good it feels when you are moving regularly.
It's easy when life gets hectic and stressful to let movement and exercise be the first thing you don't do, when you would probably feel better mentally and physically if you did something. So often you need to make yourself move, or at least get started moving.

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Donna Ditrani in Pilates Class

August 2020 Client of the Month

Donna DiTrani has been coming to Studio 54 Pilates & More for 4 years now. She originally started Pilates because she and her wife purchased several Pilates packages at charity auctions that Studio 54 had donated. They both felt the other one could benefit because of their aches & pains. And they are still loving their Pilates at Studio 54 all these years later. I guess they were both right.

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Class stretch on the barrel

I Will start Pilates when I’m in better shape.

Recently I had a client come back in after being away for a while. This is a client I knew well and who I knew had been battling some health complications over the years I've worked with her. When she came back in we had an honest talk about why she hadn't been back in sooner and I really appreciated what she told me.

She mentioned that she kept telling herself that she needed to get in better condition before she came in. She said it embarrassed her at how far out of shape she had gotten and honestly didn't want to disappoint me. I can tell you she's not the only one who has thought something like this or told me this.

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Amie Ross, owner of Studio 54 Pilates & More

The Questions People ask about our Teacher Training Program.

Have you ever wondered if you could be a Pilates teacher? And if so, why haven't you pursued it?

The number one question I get from people as they are considering becoming a Pilates teacher is: Am I physically ready to go through the program? This may be code for, "Do I need to lose weight or be better at Pilates to become a Pilates teacher?" There are absolutely no rules about where you need to be in your body and life when you start the teacher training program! If you are waiting to be at the "perfect weight and shape of your life", it probably will not happen!

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Image of heart and book

How Pilates can help your Heart

It turns out some of the most common causes of heart disease including lack of exercise, being overweight, high blood pressure and stress are things a regular Pilates practice can help you with!

Long before heart disease was a common household term Joseph Pilates was talking about the benefits of his method of exercise (which he called contrology) in terms of heart and whole body health.  In his book Return to Life, Joseph Pilates states,"Contrology exercises purify the blood in the bloodstream and whip it into instant action so the organs of the body receive the benefit of clean fresh blood carried to them by the rejuvenated bloodstream." He also stated," you should exercise every muscle in your body to improve the circulation of the blood so that the bloodstream can and will carry more and better blood to feed every fiber and tissue of your body. These exercises induce the heart to pump strong and steady."

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Becky Pilates student, and part time blogger!

What’s in a Name

Pay attention to the names of those exercises when you're in a Pilates class at the studio. Why? It may give you a clue to whether you're doing the exercise correctly.

Case in point. Me.

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It’s OK to feel awkward for your first few Pilates sessions!

Many clients come into a session and expect to do everything we teach them perfectly on the first try, then beat themselves up when they can't do it! It doesn't matter if you danced for 20 years, are an elite athlete, run marathons, lift weights, did Yoga, or if you are in the best shape of your life! If you are brand new to Pilates, you are brand new to Pilates and it will take some time to learn!

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Your neck should never hurt during Pilates!

One of the first things I tell new clients when they are starting Pilates is, "Pilates should not hurt!" If something hurts then we need to adjust the exercise in your body in a way that it can be effective and help you create balance and strength so you can continue to progress without pain.

One of the most common places people find their neck hurting is while doing an upper ab curl. This movement specifically involves lifting your head off the mat and curling toward your body as you roll to approximately the tips of your shoulder blades. This movement is fundamental in many traditional Pilates exercises, although it can be modified as needed for individual bodies.

If someone is brand new to Pilates, and they jump into a large group class without any specific training on how to do this movement properly in their body, they end up feeling like they are straining their neck and not feeling the work of the movement throughout the rest of the body.

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Stretching for flexibility

Do You Think You Need to Stretch More?

Something I hear from people when they know I own a Pilates studio is," I am so inflexible, I really need to take Yoga." It is true that that many people could use more flexibility in their bodies and a mind body practice like Yoga may help, but I find that most people don't understand the process of how to gain that flexibility. I get the impression that many people believe they need to sit around and stretch more and that would do the trick. That if they just sat on the floor with their legs in a V and leaned forward into a stretch on a regular basis that would make them more flexible (and it might help a little!)

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Aime teaching beginner Pilates

Those People Look Normal

was chatting with a client during one of her introductory private sessions and we were talking about adding some classes into her regular routine. She mentioned that she was enjoying her beginner classes and she thought she was ready to add another class per week. She also mentioned how relieved she was to see the people headed to a different class on our schedule that day were, well, normal.

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Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Love this article from breakingmuscle.com on why water is so important to our bodies! 

Your body is composed of roughly 60% water1. That means when we are dehydrated – and most of us spend our days constantly dehydrated to some degree – we are affecting the performance of the majority of our body. Nearly all of our systems do not function as well without the proper water intake.

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Weight Management & Pilates

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I do Pilates to lose weight and keep it off”? Probably not, and here’s why.

The Pilates method of exercise encompasses so much more than physical exercise and physical benefits! Even if you started practicing Pilates to drop some pounds, usually the transformation that happens by practicing Pilates is so much bigger than weight loss that you forget to even mention it when you’re chatting with your friends about the benefits of your Pilates practice!

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Private Pilates Session

Why should I Start with a Private Session?

you are new to Pilates, you may wonder why you can't just take a reformer class and try it out. We understand your frustration with our request to have a few private sessions under your belt before joining group equipment classes and want to explain why in a little more detail.

I'm guessing that you are pretty healthy with no major injuries and have probably tried a lot of different types of exercises over the years, so it seems silly that you wouldn't be just fine to join this Pilates Reformer class. The reality of it is that you would be fine and I'm sure you could make it through class just fine. The reason we don't suggest just jumping into a Pilates Reformer Class without Pilates reformer experience really has to do more with the other participants in class than you.

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Amie Ross, owner of Studio 54 Pilates & More

Why Pilates is the Perfect Exercise for Scoliosis

If you are one of the many people with scoliosis, you know that not all exercises are equal when it comes to strengthening, stretching, and balancing your body. Depending on the severity of your scoliosis you figured out at an early age that many traditional exercises and sports do not feel good in your body.

If no one ever explained to you why this is, you may have even learned to dislike exercise and movement because of your bad experiences. Movement and exercise are supposed to help you feel better, stronger and move easier. Unfortunately for those with scoliosis this is not always the case. Your curve and twist in your spine can make certain movements painful and even impossible. Many movements can create more imbalance in your body and cause pain.

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Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

What is Pilates Flow?

Are you new to mind body exercises like Pilates? Do you see the word FLOW in a class name and think about flowing down the river in a raft? What does it mean to FLOW in a class?

The Pilates method of exercises uses the concept of learning a sequence of exercises and then tying those exercises together in a way that makes it seem like you are constantly moving or flowing. This type of practice allows the practitioner (student) to continually practice specific movements and fine tune them in their body while getting a great workout.

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Feeling Pilates is most of the practice

Weight Management & Pilates

The Pilates method of exercise encompasses so much more than physical exercise and physical benefits! Even if you started practicing Pilates to drop some pounds, usually the transformation that happens by practicing Pilates is so much bigger than weight loss that you forget to even mention it when you're chatting with your friends about the benefits of your Pilates practice!

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Pilates can improve your golf game

What can Pilates do for your Golf Game?

Tiger Woods, Rocco Mediare, Phil Mickelson, Carin Coch, Annika Sorenstan, Camilo Vilegas, Richard Beem, Butch Harmon, Betsy King, David Duval, and Kelli Kuehne all do Pilates to improve their golf game. There must be a reason - right? Pilates will strengthen your core muscles. The overall core strength gained from Pilates can help improve your swing by increasing your ability to stabilize your body as well as being able to initiate movement from those core muscles.

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Memorial Day (Week) Schedule

Join us for this COVID-19 Special Memorial Day Pilates Workout Compilation.

Memorial Day

Start Virtually

8:00 am Burn at the BARRE – Online Class from the West Studio

Get Reformed

9:15 am Reformer Plus At the West Studio

Spring Out

10:30 am Spring Board At the West Studio

Tuesday May 26th

9:00 am – Virtual – Happy Shoulders – Bring TheraBand & Foam Roller

10:00 am – West Studio – Reformer Plus

1 pm – Virtual – Abs & Buns – Magic Circle

5 pm – East Studio – Reformer Plus

6:15 pm – Virtual & In East Studio – Burn at the BARRE

Wednesday May 27th

9:30 am – Virtual & In West Studio – GYROKINESIS® – Bring Chair/Stool & Mat

12:30 pm – Virtual – Pilates Grounding & Fundamentals

5:30 pm – West Studio – Spring Board

Thursday May 28th

10 am – West Studio – Reformer Plus

1 pm – Virtual – Happy Feet – Bring a Stick, TheraBand, Tennis Ball & Studio 54 wrist bands or hair ties

5 pm – East Studio – Reformer Plus

6 pm – Virtual – Happy Shoulders – Bring TheraBand & Foam Roller

Friday May 29th

9:30 am – Virtual – Magic Circle Fun

10:30 am – West Studio – Spring Board

5:30 pm – Virtual – GYROTONIC® Homework Series & Upper Body Openings – Bring Chair & Mat – Followed by Social Hour

Saturday May 30th

9 am – Virtual and In West Studio – Burn at the BARRE

10:30 am – Virtual – Shoulders & Legs – Bring TheraBand & Ball

2:00 pm – Virtual & in East Studio – Celebration / Donation GYROKINESIS® Class

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Why Husbands Should Buy Pilates Sessions for their Wife!

It's that time of year again and if you are like many men you are trying to think of a unique, thoughtful gift for your wife that she won't want to return! What about purchasing her a package of private Pilates sessions? I know what you are thinking ... If I buy my wife fitness classes she's going to think I think she needs to lose weight or get into better shape and that could get me in trouble!

Let me put some of your fears at ease and give you some of my top reasons why private Pilates sessions makes a perfect gift and why it may be the best present you've ever gotten her!

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Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Does just thinking about taking a Pilates Private Session make you uncomfortable?

Studio 54 Pilates & More offers Private and Semi-Private Training Sessions. You may have saw the Private Sessions on the website, and thought "yeah right!" First there's the price. It's more expensive than classes, and you aren't sure if you wanted to spend that much. Then there's the scary thought. For 50 minutes, you are the only person the instructor is concentrating on.

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Aime teaching beginner Pilates

It’s ok to be a beginner!

I am amazed at how many clients come into a session, expect to do everything perfectly on the first try, and then beat themselves up when they can't do it. It doesn't matter if you danced for twenty years, are an elite athlete, run marathons, lift weights, did Yoga, or if you are in the best shape of your life. If you are brand new to Pilates, you are brand new to Pilates, and it will take some time to learn!

I hear a clients say, "but you just did that exercise perfectly." My response is usually something like: "Let me tell you how many times over the last fifteen years I have done that exercise…(hundreds…even thousands) and I'm still working on it too!"

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