Are you an "exercise introvert"?

I don't know about you, but the thought of having to go to an event or business or even a new dentist or doctor for the first time is on the bottom of my list of favorite things.  I would definitely call myself an introvert and it takes some effort on my part to get out of my shell and talk to new people and get out of my comfort zone. I'm also crazy busy with a business and kids and just the thought of setting up something new seems like such a big task that I avoid it if I can.

When it comes to exercise I feel the same way. I have always loved to exercise and move but often have just done it on my own because the thought of joining a new gym or fitness group seems daunting. I think one of the reasons I was so drawn to Pilates was the small studio atmosphere, the personal connections I had with my instructors and classmates and the ability to practice on my own.

When it comes to setting up Studio 54 Pilates & More, I have tried to keep all of this in mind and make getting started at the studio as easy as possible and as intimate as possible. We want you to feel at home at the studio and it's important to us to get you started on the right foot!

Now of course if jumping into a new group class at a new space is exactly the thing you love please check out our class schedule, and select one that is at a convenient time for you! We know everyone is different and would love to have you try us out in whatever way you prefer!

For more information about getting started contact us at our East Wichita or West Wichita Studio.

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