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February 2020 Client of the Month

Alicia Gurney has been coming to Studio 54 Pilates & More for three years. She originally came into the studio because she needed to get back into shape after a double mastectomy and chemotherapy due to breast cancer. With Amie’s encouragement she showed Alicia that with Pilates it was possible to get her strength and self-confidence back. Alicia has said that Pilates and Amie made it possible for her to get up out of her chair and enjoy life. She has participated in private and group classes in Pilates and continues to inspire us with her progress! Here are her answers to our questions.

When did you start working out at Studio 54 Pilates & More and why?

I started in may of 2017 about 15 months after my last chemo treatment.  I had no muscle definition and did not have energy to do much but sit in my chair.

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What is the Pilates Reformer?

Part scientist, mechanical genius and anatomy movement guru, Pilates creator Joseph Pilates created a movement system he called "Contrology," accompanied by a variety of equipment he referred to as "Apparatus." The Apparatus was designed to help accelerate the process of stretching, strengthening and balancing the entire body. The best-known and most popular piece today, the Reformer, was originally called the Universal Reformer, aptly named for "universally reforming the body."

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Photo by Oriol Portell on Unsplash

Why Pilates is not a Cookie Cutter Fitness Routine

If you've made sugar cookies before -- I'm betting you're like me, and you get bored if you try to use the same cookie cutter for a whole batch of cookies. Sometimes when people join a big-box gym they try a class, and they go every day for a few days, and then they start to get bored—just like using one cookie cutter when making cookies. Have you tried a cookie cutter fitness class? They send out routines monthly or quarterly, and the instructor does their best to replicate the routine while teaching your class. You may even be one of those people who tries to stay in the back row, so none of the other attendees will see if you make a mistake!

Pilates at Studio 54 Pilates and More is the opposite of cookie cutter fitness. As a professional Pilates instructor, I see a variety of clients with a variety of needs concerning their movement programs. Here's 10 reasons why clients tell me they come to our studio:

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How quickly will I see results from Pilates?


One of the most common questions I hear on a client's second visit, goes something like this: "I felt really great after our session. I felt taller and my posture was better. My shoulder pain seems to be feeling better… could that really have been just from that one session?"

My simple answer: YES!

Here's why: The Pilates method of exercises teaches your body how to create and maintain alignment and balance in your body. The exercises not only strengthen and stretch your muscles, but they train your brain to recognize imbalances so your body can self-correct. Once taught how to do it, you will naturally start practicing finding your alignment and balance throughout your day. The continual practice helps to bring your body into alignment, and you WILL FEEL a difference very quickly!

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3 Great Reasons to Try a Small Group Class at Studio 54 Pilates & More

1.  Your instructors get to know you and your body.  In a small group setting an instructor can really get to know you, where you need to work, what motivates you and how to help you get the most out of your workouts (aka results). This makes for a very efficient workout. Let's face it we are all crazy busy these days and want to maximize our time!

2. The most effective workout is the one you do.  Making yourself accountable to a class, an instructor and classmates is a great way to keep you on track!

3. Safety.... A trained instructor can make sure they are challenging you but also making exercises safe for your body. One size does not fit all when it comes to movement and it's important to have instructors who recognize and implement this! If you injure yourself you will be less likely to stick with your program.

So what are you waiting for?

January Client of Month

Dr. Kerry Wilks has been coming to Studio 54 Pilates & More for four years now. She originally came into the studio because she was told she had the back of a 80 year old at age 38 after a MRI and was told the only way to manage her pain levels was by keeping a strong core, she ignored the pain and advice until she was 46 and had met Amie through church and rescues. When Kerry started, she could not even vacuum her floors without extreme pain. She has participated in Private and group classes in Pilates and THE GYROTONIC® Expansion System and continues to inspire us with her progress! Here are her answers to our questions.  

When did you start working out at Studio 54 Pilates & More and why?  

Kerry started in January 2016 after months of months of physical therapy where she learned that her lower back was described as being 30 years older than her chronological age. She was told that the only thing that would help her with pain was keeping her core strong. She had met Amie at church and Pilates seemed like a perfect solution to escape the cycle of pain and injuries (from the gym).

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